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New European Union(EU) National ID Cards Legit or Not?

New European Union National ID Cards Legit or Not?


Home made Fake ID vs Professional Fake ID

Novelty ID cards or Fake IDs are mainly of two varieties. The first variety belongs to those IDs that can be made at home and the second variety is the professional cards that are available online. There are kits that can be used to make a fake ID at home while in the case of professional fake ID cards, there are trustworthy companies that produce and sells high-quality fake ID cards with valid numbers on them. Here in this section, we are discussing these two varieties of fake ID.

First, let us discuss the fake ID that can be prepared at home. There are kits available in the market that can be used for this purpose. Such kit usually consists of a base PVC card along with an apparent sticky cover. You can take your passport photo and details and put them on the base PVC card in the required manner.

Then, you need to place that sticky clear cover over the card. The outcome can be pleasing but in most cases, the result is not satisfactory. It is quite easy to differentiate between a real ID card and a homemade fake ID card. Thus, it is better to get a fake ID from a professional company that has the expertise of manufacturing high-quality Novelty ID cards or fake ID cards. The best part is that these Professional fake ID cards are not illegal.

New European Union(EU) National ID Cards Legit or Not?
New European Union National ID Cards Legit or Not? 1

 Australian, American, Canadian fake ID cards

We do not only provide our European customers with original fake ID cards. We also supply Australian/Canadian/USA fake ID cards. Our fake id cards are an excellent way of having a trip all over the world. You can also use it to open banks accounts, buy/rent houses or apartments, rent cars, and use the secondary document together with the passport.

Authentic identity cards

All our fake ID cards are made using the highest quality card printer available. Our printer prints in high definition so even the tiny micro-text on your ID card can be seen clearly. We use PVC cards which are used for credit and debit cards to make our fake ID cards look authentic. We offer a range of features such as barcodes, magnetic stripes, smart chips, and holographic overlays.

We also offer holographic overlaminates, which lend added authenticity to the cards. We supply a number of fake ID cards including a Social Security Number card, Fake Drivers License, Provisional Driving Permit. Our cards cost 300-600 USD for one unit. For any questions regarding fake ID cards please email us and we will answer your email within 1 hour.

False identification is used for many types of fraudulent activities, including the illegal purchase of alcohol and cigarettes, check fraud, bank fraud, social security fraud, and immigration fraud. Advanced computer graphics technology and color copiers have made it easier to produce fake IDs and harder for law enforcers or retailers to detect them.

Retailers’ Rights and Responsibilities

Store clerks and sellers and servers of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products must carefully read the identification presented for proof of age. According to the Virginia Administrative Code (3 VAC 5-50-20), a licensee or its employees can use the following factors to determine whether or not to make a sale:

  • Whether an ordinary person would doubt the purchaser is of legal age based on appearance
  • Whether the purchaser presents identification upon request and appears to be the individual pictured on the document and of the legal age (21 for alcohol; 18 for tobacco products)
  • Whether the identification is in proper order, has not been altered and has not expired.
New European Union(EU) National ID Cards Legit or Not?
New European Union National ID Cards Legit or Not? 2

If a clerk or server suspects an imposter, an altered ID, or a fake ID, he or she can request to see the second form of identification. Some signs that an ID has been altered include photos that are cut out and glued over the original one, cut marks, bumps or tears in the lamination, and lettering that doesn’t match the rest of the card. ABC offers training to retailers regarding fake IDs, among other topics.

The holder of the fake ID, and not the retailer, is held fully responsible when the ID appears to be legitimate and meets the minimum standards imposed by the regulations. For a copy of the ID Checking Guide,

New European Union(EU) National ID Cards Legit or Not?
New European Union National ID Cards Legit or Not? 3

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