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Buy Driving License of Canada


Buy Driving License of Canada. We process Scannable and Database Registered Canada Driver’s License with all the security features and biometrics.

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Buy Driving License of Canada

Buy Driving License of Canada. We process Scannable and Database Registered Canada Driver’s License with all the security features and biometrics.

Canada is a nation in the northern piece of North America. Its ten areas and three domains reach out from the Atlantic to the Pacific and toward the north into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometers, making it the world’s second-biggest nation by complete zone.

What to Prepare Before Landing in Canada

Before arriving in your province/territory, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with road signs and the rules of driving. It can be quite different from home. Driving in winter can be a real hassle, so please drive with caution or take driving lessons.

You should also apply for an International Driver’s Permit in your home country before leaving. It will save you the trouble of translating your driving licence if not in French (only acceptable in some provinces/territories) or English.​You should also get a copy of your driving history from your home country’s licensing authority (in English or French). This will help when you’re applying for a driver’s license in Canada, as it can get you driving experience credits when exchanging your licence.
visit this link to understand the different classes for licences (Class 5 for automobiles).

How to get a driver’s licence for the first time in Canada 

​In most provinces, you will need to go through was is called a Graduated Licensing Program. There are generally three steps:

  1. Take a knowledge written exam (and sometimes eye test). Upon succeeding, you will get a Learner’s Permit. You cannot drive alone with this permit, you will always have to be accompanied by an experienced driver (with a full licence).
  2. After one year of practice, you will be able to take a road test to get an intermediate permit. You can drive alone, but you are not allowed to use any electronic device (even hands-free) and to have any alcohol or drug in the system.
  3. After one to two year of driving, you will be allowed to take the full licence road test.

Beware that these 3 steps (and years between each test) are approximative. Each province/territory has its own specifications. For more detailed information on how to get a driving licence for the first time, click on the province/territory where you are planning to go:

In the event that you intend to utilize an unfamiliar driver’s permit in Canada, you ought to get an International Driving Permit (IDP) in your nation of origin. An IDP will give you an interpretation of your permit into French and English.

Acquiring a Canadian driving permit can be truly hard so to give simplicity to our customers we are offering a genuine driving permit of Canada with only a single tick at your home conveyed.

You can find all necessary information to place an order for a driving license below:

Your surname:
Your given names:
Your sex (M or F):
Your date and place of birth:
License class (categories):
Your address:
Date of issue and expiration (optional):
Written signature in digital format (black ink, white background, high resolution):
Your photo in digital format (color, white background, high resolution):
Any additional information:

Please fill in the form above, attach the required pictures and send a request to [email protected] to proceed with your order.

Buy Driving License of Canada
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