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Buy Driving License of Germany. We process Scannable and Database Registered German Driving Licecse with all the security features and biometrics…

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Buy Driving License Of Germany.

How to Get a German Driver’s License (der Führerschein)

Buy Driving License of Germany. We process Scannable and Database Registered German Driver’s License with all the security features and biometrics.

How Buy Driving License of Germany (Der Führerschein)

Expats who have recently arrived in Germany can continue to use their foreign driving licence for anything up to 10 years, depending on where it was issued.

Like most bureaucratic procedures in Germany, the process for issuing or exchanging a licence can vary greatly between federal states (Länder). Despite the fact that driving licensing laws are set nationally, states tend to apply the law differently on a local level.

If in doubt, it is best to always check with your local driving licensing authority (Führerscheinstelle – usually housed within your local citizens’ office) to see how things operate in your federal state.

Using a foreign driving licence in Germany

The amount of time your foreign driving licence remains valid in Germany depends on whether it was issued by an EU / EEA member state or somewhere outside of Europe.

EU / EEA driving licence

If you hold a licence issued by an EU / EEA country, it will usually remain valid in Germany until its expiry date. There are exceptions for certain categories of driving licence (see below). To qualify, it must be a full licence, rather than a provisional one or an international driving permit (IDP).

If you are planning on staying in Germany long-term, you might consider exchanging your EU / EEA driving licence for a German Führerschein. You can exchange it at any point by following the procedure outlined below. Once the validity of your original EU / EEA licence expires, you will need to exchange it.

Exceptions to long-term validity of EU / EEA driving licence

The long-term validity of EU / EEA driving licences does not apply to the following categories:

Category A1 (Motorcycles)

Up until their 18th birthday, holders of a category A1 driving licence may only ride light motorcycles (engine size up to 125cc) with a maximum speed of 80kmph.

Category C1 and C1E (Large goods vehicles)

C1 and C1E driving licences are only valid until the holder’s 50th birthday. To exchange this licence for a German one, you will also need to submit certificates attesting to your state of health and eyesight.

Category C, CE, D, DE, D1 and D1E (Large goods vehicles & buses)

These categories of driving licence are only valid for five years after the date of issue, even if they were issued for a longer period in your home country. As above, if you wish to make an exchange, you will need to submit certificates attesting to your good health and eyesight.

Non-EU / EEA Driving Licence

If your driving licence was issued by a country outside the EU / EEA, you can continue using it in Germany for up to six months after you register.

If you are staying for longer than six months, but less than 12, it may be possible to have the validity of your licence extended to cover your entire stay in Germany. Your local driving licensing office will be able to help you with this.

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